Friday Flash: The President’s….?

“Is that, like, the presidents….? It is an insult to the man! I think it’s a right-wing plot.” Precilla giggles, pointing.

“No, man, that’s far too long. You can see it doesn’t belong to the persident.” Gertruida makes her hippo-sound, like when she’s really irritated. “And, I must add, I’ve never seen one looking like that.”

“That’s my point exactly. It’s too long.”

“And the wrong colour,” Kleinpiet adds.

“And not shaped right,” Vetfaan adds.

“And it reminds me of the Hanging Gardens. Those things should be rolled up in a neat coil, like Servaas does with his hosepipe. It looks less chaotic that way.” Gertruida, who knows everything, wants to have the last word.

Sammie ambles over, obviously irritated. “If you’re not going to buy it, please put it back, will you?” He shakes his head. “Nothing – really nothing – is sacred anymore! In the future, I’ll put a lock on that fridge, I swear . Boerewors isn’t something you joke with, people!”

“Tell it to the pres, “ Gertruida snorts as they walk out of the shop.


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