Gertruida bought one. Did you?

“Did you see what Boggel is doing? He’s been busy all morning  in the bar, putting up new shelves.” Gertruida watches through the window as Boggel hammers away inside.  “He’ll have to hurry – I’m thirsty already.”

“It’s that book – the one Hamster gave me.” Precilla smiles sweetly. “I gave it to Boggel to read, and now he wants to make Boggel’s Place look like the bars you find in grand lodges.”

“Oh?” Gertruida has read everything there is to read in Rolbos. If there is something new floating around, she must get her hands on it. “What book?”

“The new paperback on safaris and wild animals, wonderful romance and terrible crooks. Some of the stories are sad, while others made me laugh out loud. Tourists to Africa buy it to understand what they are in for, but local people enjoy the stories because they love the continent and its people… Wait, I’ll go get it from him.”

Gertruida clicked here..

Gertruida pages through the stories. “My goodness, here are facts I didn’t know about badgers and squirrels and elephants. And I can see the book was edited properly – must be Marinda’s work. She’s such a perfectionist.

“Well. I’ll simply have to get one. This is the type of writing I want on my shelf. I wonder where Hamster bought it?”

“He read our blog, Gertruida. Then he clicked on the book above. It’s simple  -you should have known that.”


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