Friday Flash: Its the body…oh, the body!

“I don’t like them bulging so much in the middle.” Vetfaan unbuttons his shirt. “See, it isn’t sexy.” He shows them his impressively barrelled stomach.

“I agree, the slimmer lines are much more attractive. Nothing compares with elegance,” Kleinpiet says as he eyes Precilla’s trim figure. “And that bottom is too broad, too.”

“Guys, it’s not the outside that counts. It’s the hidden treasures inside. The nose is exquisite, and boy, is it smooth! Spend some time with this smoothie at the end of a hot and dusty day, and you’ll feel the fatigue drain as you feel a million years younger again.”

“That may be true, Boggel.” Vetfaan isn’t convinced, “ the neck is long and elegant…but I’m not so sure.  I don’t like dry. It feels harsh on the tongue. I want something to…oil my hips, if you know what I mean. I want that nice, wet, smooth feeling.”

“But what about the body? That should please you. And – note the youthful exuberance.”

“Nah. You can keep these Portugese wines, Boggel. Gimme a Cactus Jack anytime. Or a beer. “

Boggel sighs. His experiment failed. He’ll have to send back the consignment of Vinho Verde…  These Rolbossers will stick to what they know – and he’s not going to change it.


Boggel’s suggested reading for the weekend:

and, of course:


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