An Index to Rolbos stories

For those that find paging though past posts difficult, here are some shortcuts to older stories…


Die Wolletjiestrui

PG 18

Die Heiningdraad


Freedom in Captivity


Die Begrafnis wat nie was nie

Fatherless Day

The Rolbos Factfile

Hotel Rolbos

Recce White

It’s in the eyes…

Where are you?

Rolbos – Friday Flash Fiction

Joost and the Slushmobile

Un Bel Di

Sunday Afternoon Kleenex

Oudok se Flater

Boggel se Koffie

Friday Flash: Freedom Day

Vetfaan’s War


Gertruida’s (creative) take on History

Precilla en Kleinpiet: Die Voorgeskiedenis

Round on the House

Friday Flash – The Rolbos Fault

Die Apokriewe Doos

Projek Skraper

26th March – Coward’s Day

The Virtual Republic of Rolbos

Kalahari Spa

Versluis se Fortuin

Those Fishnets…

Friday Flash – Happy Marriages?

The Owl

Die Kalender

The Pride of Rolbos

The Confession.

Oudoom’s Easter Sunday Semon – Them Stones


Sammie and the Actress

Measuring up to…The End?

Die Tuindwergie

Elizabeth’s Jubilee

An Award for Rolbos?

Vetfaan and the Mayans

The Survivor

Mustapha, the Oracle


Die Dooprok

Piet Bedonnerd


Oudok’s Story

Friday Flash – Autumn

Madame Zavira

Precilla’s Idea

Potloer se storie

The Birthday

Sunday Flash: A Late-night Cuddle

Oorlog en Vrede

The Curious Case of Katarina Krulbeen

The License

Gertruida bought one. Did you?

The Dust Devil

A little Valentine’s goes a long way…

Die Barbier van Rolbos

The Path to Boggel, the Orphan

The Rolbos Quiver Sanctuary

Swart Taxi

Kleindoom en die Wonderwerk

Friday Flash: Its the body…oh, the body!

Suspicion, Suggestion…and Surprise. (Adult Weekend Read…)

A French Farewell

Boggel se Borgtog

Hydroponics Sheep

Avondson, Upington…

The Development

The Vagabond Posse

Moth to the Flame

The Spirits of Rolbos

Boggel se Nuwe Dak

Scotty’s Legacy

The Titanic Connection

Rolbos, 1956

Old Oom Hatting’s Eyes

Father’s Day in the Garden…

(Good) Friday Flash

Friday Flash: The President’s….?

The Rolbos-step

The Easter Bunny that wasn’t

Skeletons of Valentine Past

Willem’s Climax(es)

The Good Barman

The Problem with the President

Gertruida’s Quiz


Friday Flash, Apocalypse

The Return of the Dwarf

Precilla’s Letter

A Trio of Tragedies

Rolbos on the Move

The Painting, The Question…

Sammie’s Revenge

Frozen Love

Any Port in a Storm


Die Boerpot

Rolbos and The Cheap Advertisement

Vanessa is waiting for you…

Oudoom on the Warpath

April Fools

Vrede’s Tale

The Telegram

Longdrop to Freedom

Imagine: Africa! Free for Easter

Alfie’s Earwig

Top Ten – most read – titles in this blog. Thank you all!

Just another Winter’s Tale

The Freedom of Rolbos

A Trio of Lights


Unidentified Flying…Dogs?


Hybie se Geheim.


29 February 2008

The Rolbos News

The Relief of Rolbos

Gertruida’s lie.

National Dock Day


Rolbos – The Sheepthrowing Competition

The Luck of Spin

Boggel’s Birthday


2 thoughts on “An Index to Rolbos stories

  1. colonialist

    An impressive list! I suggest you put a link to this post in the sidebar.
    I am still hoping for a link to something which gives a brief outline of who’s who in your zoo. Name, age, sex (if not obvious), occupation and main characteristics.

    1. Amos van der Merwe Post author

      Eish…not sure how to do the sidebar thing?
      I’m working on Gertruida’s profile, maybe will post it over the weekend. Then, as an ongoing project, I’ll tackle the characters one by one. However, a synopsis remains a good idea..I’ll see what I can do. Thanks for reading.


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