Top ten (so far)

Due to family commitments, no new Rolbos sagas (ok, I know they’re just stories, but it sounds great to call them sagas!) will be posted for the next few days. Have a look at what has been most popular:

Die Wolletjiestrui
PG 18
The Rolbos Factfile
A Calabash Full of Wishes for Madiba
Sandy’s Song
Friday Flash: E-Tumbleweed Town
Lucinda’s Waltz with Fate and Melkkos.
Ouboet Geel’s War
Dawid Kruiper

And a few personal favourites:



Then again: these weren’t so bad:

Gertruida’s lie.
Rolbos – The Sheepthrowing Competition
The Luck of Spin
Boggel’s Birthday

I hope you enjoy the visit!


8 thoughts on “Top ten (so far)

    1. Amos van der Merwe Post author

      Thanks, Rita. Oooh, the next bit: old Marco and his past will be quite revealing. I hope it’s worth the wait. The family stays until Monday, so hopefully the first episode will be posted by the evening…

    1. Amos van der Merwe Post author

      Dis ‘n heerlike kuier met my seun, sy vrou en die kleine Emma. Lekker kopstukke om te gesels, en wie weet wat alles uitbroei as mens nuwe stories hoor? Mooi bly…


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