Flashfiction: Sandy

“They’ve got a hurricane in America,” Gertruida says, because she knows everything, “called Sandy. They say it is a Frankenstorm.”

“Do they have deserts over there?” Vetfaan tries not to gape. “I thought the Kalahari is the only one.”

“That hurricane has nothing to do with sand, Vetfaan. It’s about winds, rain and snow.” She’s really trying to be patient.

“Then why call it Sandy? Shouldn’t it be Rainy, or Windy?”

“Hurricanes get girl-names, silly. You don’t get girls called Windy – they’ll never make it past high school with a name like that.” Gertruida sniggers at the thought. “Imagine introducing her to your parents: ‘Hi mom and dad, this is my new girlfriend. She’s Windy.’  It just won’t go down all that well.”

“I can’t understand the hype. What makes Sandy so special?” Lucinda is used to Mediterranean storms, but this one seems worse.

“It’s the warming of the Caribbean Sea, Lucinda. It is where tropical storms get born. But if it meets the unstable cold jet stream from the melting North Pole, it causes a situation where winds from the North and South crash into each other. The one is warm, the other cold.  And the energy released, is beyond comprehension. That’s Sandy.”

“Okay, I get it.” Vetfaan sits back with a satisfied grin. “It’s like Malema and Zuma. A lot of hot air gets met with a mass of cold-hearted political ambition. The result: a hurricane that disrupts lives, causes electrical shortages and drives people to leave the security of their homes. Schools get closed down, the economy suffers and people don’t work.”

Gertruida rolls her eyes. Sometimes she has to let go of the belief that her countrymen still hope for a better future.

“Vetfaan, we should think – and pray – for those folks in America. They’re facing Sandy. It’s real, you know?”

“And we’re facing our own hurricane, Gertruida. It’s called Bloody. Tell me: do they care?”

9 thoughts on “Flashfiction: Sandy

  1. Gunta

    It’s not that we (here in the States) don’t care. It’s our media which acts as though the rest of the world doesn’t exist outside of our borders. All they seem to report on are our bloody politics and the latest Hollywood scandal. Not many folks are willing to put in the effort to look for news on their own.

      1. MaanKind

        I was speaking about the media, Gunta. My daughter, who stays in San Francisco, says it is also true from region to region in Califiornia. I found the people extremely friendly, helpful, and polite. I’d go and stay there tomorrow if I could.

  2. thehappyhugger

    What worries and breaks my heart the most are the helpless ones in these situations. The children, the animals, people with disabilities, the aged. My heart aches just to think about it.

    This post also brought to mind the woman who gave birth in a tree when Mozambique had those terrible floods in 2000 (I think it was.)


      1. thehappyhugger

        Curiosity got the better of me and I spoke to my good old friend Mr Google 🙂 Apparently the Mozambican government set up trust funds for Rosita and her family and moved them to a new house. They have travelled a bit, but her favourite country is SA. She wants to become a doctor. Happy ending then.

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