Congrats, Mister Obama

“You mean to tell me you can get the most votes and still lose the election? And that’s how Obama remains the president?” Vetfaan stares at Gertruida in total confusion.

“It’s the way they work over there, Vetfaan. That’s why Obama played basketball – he understands how it works.” Gertruida smiles as if she knew all along.

“Nah. It’s the African way. Look at Mugabe. He lost the elections but it’ll need an atom bomb to remove him from his palace.”

“Shows you. You can take an African out of Africa, but you can’t take Africa out of an African. Or a Hawaiian.”

Boggel pushes over an early-morning coffee to the two. “You’re both wrong – it’s not about Africa and all kinds of underhand dealings. It’s the power of politics. And it’s the  American way.”

“What do you mean, Boggel? And pass some sugar – I need it this morning.” Gertruida has been up all night.

“Well, they’ve wasted billions on an election to change nothing. We’re not like that, we’re way ahead of them. We waste millions to change many lives. We call it corruption. It’s all smoke and mirrors.”

Vetfaan guffaws. “It’s like the Chinese say: Elections only cause ploblems. In the end, logic whispers, money shouts. Mark my words: nothing will change.”

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