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Image“Tonight it’s Gertruida’s turn to tell a story,” Boggel beamed as he poured a round of Cactus Jack. They always look forward to Thursday evenings, when they change the routine in Boggel’s Place slightly. Instead of drinking and complaining about the drought, they rotate the privilege to tell an original story. Whenever Gertruida gets that opportunity, they know they’re in for something special. She doesn’t relate the usual tales of hardship, broken tractors or who-bought-what in Sammie’s shop – she is much more creative than that.

Gertruida swigged back the Jack, smiled at them, and sat down next to the till so they could all hear properly. Then….:


Few people can claim the recognition that Archie Mendez received over the centuries. The son of an Italian Peasant with a Hispanic mother, Archie grew up in the suburbs of Athens, where Papa had a pizzeria. While his dad was frugal…

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