Daily Prompt: Coming To a Bookshelf Near You … Rolbos!

In response to the challenge to write the blurb of the book I always wanted to write…

Kalahari – the very word conjures up images of a deserted, arid area; with whitened bones suggesting life in a bygone era.


The tiny community living in Rolbos have settled here in (sometimes) silent protest against the norms of civilisation. They cling to old-fashioned values, their own dark secrets and a variety of alcoholic beverages. Set mostly in the bar of the hunchback, Boggel, the inhabitants of this far-flung village have little else to do, except discussing the oddities of life – and drinking, of course. Frowned on by their pastor, Oudoom, and egged on by the vast wisdom of Gertruida (who knows everything), the results of their visits to the bar are never predictable.

Here we find them organising a Sheep-throwing competition; a new species of earwig is discovered; and some Chinese plan to barbeque the town’s only dog, Vrede. A pole dancer gets to spend the weekend with the pastor to the delight of his congregants, while a sumo wrestler discovers the ultimate cure for constipation.

Of course, even in a place like Rolbos, sex and romance influence the men and women of the town. Boggel falls in love with the beautiful Italian, Lucinda; but will it last? Her connections to the Mafia and her fear for her father’s safety cause her to make a painful decision; one that may just open the door to Mary Mitchell, the girl Boggel met in the orphanage. Oh, incidently – Boggel shot her father, but that is a story he doesn’t talk about.

The people of Rolbos invite you to Boggel’s Place. It’s right opposite the church in Rolbos; you can’t miss it.

It’ll be on a shelf in your favourite bookstore soon…


16 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Coming To a Bookshelf Near You … Rolbos!

  1. Harold Green

    Please let us know when the launch happens. I have “Africa: Imagine!” and “Vanessa” permanently on my Kindle and just love re-reading. Next on my AvdM adventures on life in Africa, I am going back to the start of your Blog/Facebook page, and journey through all of your observations. Just love your writing. Look forward to seeing what your talented imagination rolls off your finger tips next. Thanks.

  2. Kozo

    I’m hoping for a self-help book on love, enlightenment and world peace written by Gertuida (who knows everything). Can’t wait to read the complete manuscript since the snippets caught me hook, line, and sinker.

  3. colonialist

    I certainly want a copy of ‘Imagine, Africa’ as soon as the printer stops jabbering away at it.
    A blurb needs to be perfect, and the runaway subject in the ‘Set mostly in the’ sentence lets you down somewhat, there!

    1. Amos van der Merwe Post author

      True! There’s still a lot of work to be done before I hand this to the lady who does the editing – and she’s one for perfection! I always have sleepless nights before I send stuff off to her…


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