Is the Newsreader Responsible for the News?

After a lifetime of being the anchor at the Afrikaans news on SABC, Riaan Cruywagen read his last newscast tonight.

“After decades of reading the news, Riaan Cruywagen stepped down tonight.” Gertruida – because she knows everything – announces. “It’s been a long haul from Apartheid to Democracy.”

“I’ll be sad to see him go,” Vetfaan says, “because he always seemed so professional.”

“Yes, I know. He read us right through from the Nationalists up to the ANC. Once, twenty years ago, the Whites suppressed the Blacks. Now the roles are reversed.” Kleinpiet draws prison bars on the counter top. “Only, our jail is more secure that it was in the old times.”

“What do you mean, Kleinpiet?'” Gertruida lifts an interested brow.

“There’s nobody left to read us back to normality now.”

10 thoughts on “Is the Newsreader Responsible for the News?

  1. thehappyhugger

    Fortunately Riaan Cruywagen pops in to the radio station I listen to every now and then in the mornings. He is such a witty and fun person to listen to. Have you heard his rap song? He made it last year 🙂

  2. Rita van der Linde

    Riaan read Jan FE Cilliers verse, ‘Stil broers daar gaan ‘n man verby’ at my late husbands funeral. I always thought the poem ‘De Wet’ was special but after listening to Riaan, and I suppose because of the occasion, it is even more special.
    He really is a gentleman in every way and we will all mis him. I hope he has many more years, and that all of them will be happy ones.


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