2013 – Love it!

Dawn, Okavango

Dawn, Okavango


It sounds strange, doesn’t it? In a week or two we’ll al be used to writing the correct date on cheques and invoices. Then, suddenly, the dates of 2012 seem so distant and far away. The old year is dead. Long live the New Year…

So what’s up for Rolbos in 2013?

They’ll all stay the way they are. Oudoom will sweat over his sermons and Mevrou will keep him on the straight and narrow. Precilla and Kleinpiet will examine the intricacies of being married. Vetfaan will amble on in his lonely way and Gertruida will read one National Geographic after the other. Sammie may expand his shop to accommodate his growing clientele and Boggel must get a few more chairs.

The compiling of the Rolbos Omnibus is progressing, and Servaas will appear in a book that’ll ruffle a few conservative feathers (if everything works out according to plan). This may mean that Rolbos won’t be updated daily any more, but hopefully the books (hold thumbs) will compensate for that. There are a number of stories in the pipeline with Vrouekeur, Leisure Wheels, Merise, as well as a book Eve Hemming is producing. Griffel Media has two manuscripts they promised to publish – but there is no indication when this will happen. Another manuscript is finished, but I’ll need to find a publisher for it.

So in 2013 a lot of things will remain the same, and a lot will change. That’s what makes a new year such a wonderful event. By tearing out the last page of 2012, the calendar tells you it’s 2013 now. And like every year, every month, every day – every dawn heralds a day filled with promise. Life presents a constant challenge and it doesn’t really matter what date was printed on top of the page. What matters is whether we embrace every opportunity that comes by. It matters that we care. It matters that we treat each other kindly and with love. And every dawn must remain a reminder that we need faith to make it through the day.

May 2013 be a blessing to each of you, and may Love be a constant companion.


19 thoughts on “2013 – Love it!

  1. aj vosse

    Ek dink ons het min of meer langs die selfde voet paadtjie gedtraf toe ons klein was…

    Dawn… now there’s a thing. I actually came calling by because an idea’s been scratching at the back of my mind… when you have a moment… please have a look at my ‘Short Stuff’ page… I have something there inspired by someone you may well have known… quite well, by the looks of it…

    So long, for now… I hope this year is as great as we all hope it will be… I can do with a book deal myself… 😉 and to come pay you a visit in that land of yours…


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