Daily Prompt: Call Me Ishmael

The daily prompt, Call me Ishmail, requires that you use the first sentence of a favourite book as the beginning of your post. Now, as fond as I am of whales, I’m not much of a sea-faring man. But give me a John D MacDonald, and I’m hooked.

IMG“I was in a deep sleep, alone aboard my houseboat, alone in the half acre bed, alone in a sweaty dream of chase, fear, and monstrous predators. A shot rang off steel bars. Another…”

Okay, that’s three sentences. But it does create an atmosphere of expectation. And Travis McGee – he of broad shoulders and small heart – is off again on another quest to save the damsel from the horrendous claws of some terrible villain.

The trick is: he saves the day against all odds. He values virtue. He respects life. And he beats the crap living daylights out of the villain.

Call me romantic. Shoot me. But that is what is going to happen in the next book on Servaas. Only he’s not great when it comes to fisticuffs. And maybe he will won’t get the damsel in the end. But it won’t stop him die trying.

Here’s how his story starts:

It was the nurse who started it all.

She was voluptuous, charming, beautiful, curved and fascinating. When she jotted my blood pressure down on the chart, her blond hair curtained her forehead; allowing the tip of the straight nose to peek out from behind the curls; and the pout of her lips to suggest the sensual potential of kissing. Hunched over on the desk in front of her, the white tunic fell away ever so slightly from the ripe body, exposing the bulge of her bosom under the lacy material of her bra…

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