Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination. A journey with a Night Dragon

Lets take a journey with the Night Dragon over the Southern tip of Africa. Starting on the East, it’ll  watch the sunrise over the Indian Ocean. Don’t worry – as long as the sun shines, the Dragon won’t hurt you…


See the dragon flying past the coast of the Western Cape – which has a large portion facing East, incidentally?


Now you do! It is angry, blowing little clouds of smoke in frustration. This type of dragon doesn’t like light, so it’ll wait…


During the day, the beach will sparkle in the sun. People may walk unhindered while the dragon waits….


If the dragon looked straight up in the Karoo (which is more or less in the middle of the country), the sun’s eye is watching it through the thin layer of clouds. It’ll cringe…


At the end of the day, the sun sets on the Western border of South Africa. This is the Bushveld, where thorn trees bid the day goodbye. The dragon will begin to stir..

MAAN 002 mod

It’ll greet the moon like an old friend, even though it is the sun that provides the light.


Sunlight set free from wood … It’s time to settle in front of the hearth, get that glass of Chivas, and swap stories and legends. Don’t forget the age-old warnings not too wander around outside. After you’ve retired, the Night Dragon will romp around; creating life-like dreams in the minds of the unwary; and sucking up energy from the late-night embers.. Julie 2009 200

19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination. A journey with a Night Dragon

  1. Rita van der Linde

    Of course, there be dragons there somewhere Amos. Dankie vir die heerlike
    draak storie. I love dragons, fairys, elves, and all the wonderful scary things
    that we know about here in Africa. Thank you.


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