Daily Prompt: Free Association

The writing challenge is free association with these three words…


Rolbos, naturally. Isolated, unique and warm. Maybe the only place on earth where a hunch-backed bartender will listen to your woes and then ask Gertruida to come to your rescue. Watch out for Vrede:


He’s not aggressive, just hungry.


The red Kalahari sands, part of a sandbelt that stretches from the Congo to the Cape. Here you’ll find rare minerals and some diamonds . The sand dunes of the Namib and Kalahari teems with beetles, bugs and snakes, while larger animals have adapted to the dry environment. Despite the desert-like appearance, rain transforms the area into a green savannah.

The sand also offers a hiding place for the Bushmen to bury their ostrich eggshells, filled with water. Please remember: it is well-guarded….


A rare blessing, which brings life to the desert and fills up aquifers below the surface. It’ll cause floods  and unwary travellers may be surprised to find roads turned into roaring rivers.

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These three words sum up what the Kalahari is like – the soil and rain provide home to man and beast alike. Like New York, it is as dangerous as it is inviting. Like London or Paris, it’ll take your breath away with it’s splendour. The peace you expect in Geneva is abundant here, despite this, the struggle to survive may equal Beijing or Khartoum any time.

But…it is the people – from ancient times till now – who help to make the Kalahari so special. There is no time for bluffing or grandstanding, The environment demands honesty and integrity. Promises are kept. Greetings are sincere. And a visit by a stranger; as rare as the rain; is seen as a blessing and an opportunity to find out why – exactly – people choose to live elsewhere.


11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Free Association

      1. scrapydo

        Maggies maar die wereld is klein. Ek het lank in Potgietersrus skool gehou. Toe weer hele paar jaar in Secunda gebly en later weer terug Potties toe.

      2. scrapydo

        Dis n goeie vergelyking(nie dat ek al in Lusaka was nie) Ons het net nie meer in die hoofstraat geloop of enige winkels besoek nie. Van P&P oopgemaak het so 15 jaar terug loop mens wye draaie om die hoofstraat.

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