Daily Prompt: Choose Your Adventure – a walk with the Pale Bushmen

Write a story or post with an open ending, and let your readers invent the conclusion.

So this is it. No water. No food. Nothing.

The endless sand dunes stretch away to the heat-shimmering horizon. Somewhere out there, maybe a few hundred kilometres away, people are sitting down to dinner. It could be that-a-way. Or more to my left. I don’t know. What started out as a dare – to drive across this stupid stretch of sand in a day’s time – has now become a life-threatening situation.

The night will be cold, I know. With nothing to build a fire with, I’ll have to make do with my old jersey and the threadbare blanket I cover the back seat with. Maybe they’ll start searching in the morning, when they realise I didn’t make it. The wind is strengthening, however. By morning my tracks would be gone.

A movement at the crest of the dune makes me sit up straighter. Several small, yellow men are coming my way. They seem friendly enough. As they approach, I can see them carrying bows, arrows and sharpened sticks. Four men and a woman – of paler skin than the Bushmen I know. A hunting party? For what?

The next half-an-hour is confusing, to say the least. They seem docile enough, but are insisting I must accompany them. Of course, talking doesn’t help – I don’t understand the clicks they make and they have no inkling of the three languages I try. With no other option to speak of, I follow them through the dunes.

It takes hours and I lose track of time. Day is dawning when we reach a sandy outcrop. My travelling companions chatter away in excited clicks as they lead me around the hillock to the other side, where – to my great surprise – I can see the opening of what seems to be a deserted cave.

The opening is just enough for one man to squeeze through. At their rather insistent motions, I follow the woman through the opening. Her movements are voluptuous, daring, as she waits for me to make my way inside.

Then, in the dim light, I notice the white of the bones against the back wall. I want to make sure my impression is correct, before allowing panic to set in. I mean, I am a doctor and should be ablle to recognise human bones, shouldn’t I?

But I don’t get to opportunity to have a closer look. The heavy clunk of a rock closing the opening coincides with the sudden and complete darkness inside the cave. .

And then I hear her coming closer…


18 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Choose Your Adventure – a walk with the Pale Bushmen

  1. thehappyhugger

    She takes my face in her rough hard hands and feels my cheekbones with her thumbs. She has a gentle aura about her, but I can smell danger in the claustrophobic air surrounding us. She begins muttering and clicking. As my eyes adjust to the dark I catch a glimpse of the wild look in her eyes, as though she is some sort of trans. Her hands are all over my body again, rough and careless. It is then that I feel the sharp piercing of her nails digging into my skin, her trans reaching another crescendo. My thoughts became very groggy but not groggy enough to feel the distinct sharp stab in the middle of my chest…my body fell limp. My bones would keep company to the others before me…

  2. colonialist

    This turned out a lot longer than I thought it would – sorry! It was a wonderful theme to build on, though, and I hope I have done it some sort of justice.

    Before I had time to panic, the seduction began. Hands surprisingly accustomed to modern fastenings helped me shed my clothing while caressing me into a frenzy. The first coupling was frenetic; then two more followed at intervals, more languid, more sensual. I was aware of some sort of perfume and I wonder if there was a drug of some sort in it, because I felt nothing but the desire to immerse myself in the erotic experience.
    After the third climax, though, my brain started working again, and I made some logical deductions. This tribe wanted renewal of bloodline, and this was their way of doing it. As for what would come after – the bones were significant.
    With sudden realisation, I broke free of her, and snatched for my clothing. In the trouser pocket was a powerful keychain LED light, and I switched it on. Frozen in the beam was the woman, coming at me with a sharpened stick; I was sure that even in that light I could make out a brown staining on the tip – poison!
    If I fought her off, what then? The others would get me. Acting on a sudden impulse, I turned the light on my face and put my finger on my lip. Then I did a walking mime, and placed my hand over my mouth.
    For a long time she stared at me. Then she lowered the stick and uttered a series of clicks. The rock was rolled back to show the evening light, and I walked out alive.
    The woman was my guide to within distant sight of the isolated farm where I was ‘rescued’. She fed me, and showed me how to find water where there was none, during the days it took to get there – I’m not telling how many it was. Finally she gave me a long look, ran her hand over my cheek, and then turned and in no time had disappeared, leaving me with a feeling of great sadness and loss.
    I had a dream the other night, of another pale bushman, taller than his fellows, with features not unlike my own. He saluted me, as his mother had done.

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  6. determined34

    Her eyes were bright against the sudden darkness. They bright circles got bigger every second. The she appeared before us. A beautiful sleek cat, whose purring echoed thoughout the cave. As a Doctor I had seen the aftermath of human versus these magnificent creatures, and the injuries I had to patch up were often grotesque. The others were looking at me for a hint, a sign of what to do next. I slowly knelt down, closed my eyes and stayed perfectly still, the others followed my lead.

    Slowly and effortlessly she ambled over to us, sniffing the air as she came. Did she smell fear?

    Just then a heard a beeping in the distance, it grew louder, no noise I said. No Noise, No Noise!
    I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw were medical students standing around my bed. One smiled. In the back of my mind a conversation I had yesterday started to make sense. These new drugs may bring on hallucinations and vivid dreams. Sheepishly I recounted mine.

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