The Town Called Loneliness

Daily Prompt: Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

Evey day a big, hairy monster takes a bite out of you. Sometimes it is a nibble, sometimes a chunk, but nevertheless you end up with less of yourself whenever you go to bed at the end of the day. The monster is called Time – and there’s no escaping the reality of it’s hunger.

That’s why Rolbos is important. Rolbos (English: Tumbleweed) is a plant that sheds it’s upper parts (either the flower or the whole bush) which is then driven by the wind. It stops at obstacles. Fences, houses, other trees and bushes. They never end up where they started. And nobody can predict where the next one will come from, or where it’ll go.

Of course, like with all living creatures (and that even includes politicians), there is a reason why these plants end their days by rolling, rolling along over the endless plains of Life. They scatter seeds as they do so.  Mother Nature ensures that the many tiny seeds get spread over the widest possible terrain, in order to give the offspring the best chance to survive, The random rolling must surely give at least one little seed a friendly environment?


And so successful has this strategy been that these simple plants outlived the dinosaurs. They go back to the very beginning. I am sure (have no proof thought) that there, in Eden, a humble Rolbos was hoping the winds of Life will eventually scatter some of it’s seeds near you, the reader.

In Rolbos town, we find different characters that have rolled into one another’s life. Their staying in Rolbos might seem as a random happening. And here, in Boggel’s Place, they swap stories and discuss current events. Their words carry the seeds of many ideals and sometimes even hope. Like the tumbleweed seeds, they hope to find fertile ground and a happy environment.

Rolbos has now been read in more than 100 countries. It has rolled into many lives. Sometimes, I am sure, the dried twigs were cleared away with hurried hands, having maybe touched the wrong nerve. Sometimes, too, the stories made people look at their own lives with questioning eyes. Hopefully, it caused a few smiles.

As the gusts carry the fragile structure of Rolbos onwards, we are reminded of our loneliness. Like the little seeds, we are individuals; loners trudging along. We scatter word-seeds and deed-seeds, touching the lives of those around us. Mostly (and sadly so) these seeds get ignored and won’t even sprout the green leaves of happiness when the season is right. But sometimes, sometimes, we plant something good in the lives of loved ones and strangers, leaving them with a smile and a twinkle in the eye. In true rolbos fashion, these acts and words ,may seem random, but they aren’t. The dinosaurs proved that even they – huge strong beasts – cannot compete when it comes to longevity. There’s a reason for rollling along.

So that is what Rolbos is all about. Spreading the global surface with a seemingly insignificant little seed, in the hope it’ll find a suitable place to settle and grow. It’s the oldest seed in the world. It’s also the loneliest seed in the world.

It’s called Love.

21 thoughts on “The Town Called Loneliness

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  3. mnrnel

    Die rolbos het ook al in my lewe saad geskiet en al ‘n hele paar rou senuwees aangeraak. Gelukkig ter genesing van die siel.’n lafenis in ‘n droë wêreld.

  4. Rita van der Linde

    Wat ‘n vreeslike treurige ‘song’ Dit vat regtig aan mens se hart, Amos. Jou stuk oor die ouderdom
    kom asof jy geweet het ek tob so oor die ouderdom. Wonder ek, is dit nie genoeg dat die tyd mens
    se binneste so kan verwoes nie, waarom kan dit dan nie maar vir mens met vol lippe, oe sonder sakkies en allerhande plooitjies en met die dele wat eens so pragtig was nog op hulle plek, los nie?
    Ek vra maar miskien sal jy kan se?

  5. Harold Green

    What a talented tale spinner you are Amos. I signed up for a subscriptin to Rolbos on Kindle in January. For a bit I was getting your complete post. I looked forward to reading it every evening. Now, all I get is only the 1st paragraph. Has something changed at Amazon? Your devoted fan.

    1. Amos van der Merwe Post author

      Hi Harold
      I checked on my dashboard and changed a ‘feed’ setting – maybe that’ll change things. Somehow the feed was set to ‘summary’ and not ‘full text’. I think that might have been the problem. Let me know if it helped? Thanks again…

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