Wednesday Flash: a Conversation in the Bar

“Some crimes are unforgivable. They are premeditated, well executed and ruthless.”

“True. If somebody does such things on purpose, there’s no excuse.”

“And it’s not just the abuse of trust we’re talking about here – it’s far worse.”

“You know the funny thing? Sections of society still have sympathy for him. Somehow he still gets support.”

“It’s the family, man! He’s got quite a large and extended family, and they feel obliged to stand behind him.”

“Don’t forget the money, chaps. It makes the world go around, remember? With millions at his disposal, it isn’t so far-fetched that he has lots of friends. Lots of people love travelling on a gravy train.”

“And he’s a womaniser, as well. Hopped from one bed to another. Must have a lot of charm to be a Cassanova like that.”

“Mmm, Valentines must have been difficult for him.”

“Well, some people see him as a hero. Somebody who overcame everything, to become an icon. I mean, he did see himself as a leader of sorts, didn’t he?”

“I think he could have had the world at his feet. You know: the right place, the right time, the right words, even the right actions – and he would have been revered for generations to come.”

“But now we’re stuck with his mess. The damage has been done. I doubt if we’d ever recover from it.”

“Well. It’s over now. The process has begun. He won’t last long.”

“It won’t be hard to say goodbye to him. In fact, it’ll be a pleasure.”

“Sure. The country doesn’t need him. He shattered dreams and wrecked so many hopes… We all hoped, didn’t we?”

“Yes. We did. We were stupid.”

Servaas walks in, dressed in black.

“You chaps still talking about the court case in Pretoria?”

“No  Servaas. We’re talking about the gun-mad basket case in the presidency.”

17 thoughts on “Wednesday Flash: a Conversation in the Bar

  1. Felicity-Ann McInnes

    Jinna Amos – ek sukkel so met alles wat nou aan gaan hierna in Suid Afrika. Die “singeray” die verkragtenis – die totsi’s wat ons leiers is – die voete van klei wat nou oral stomp..

    Ek sukkel boet en voel so alleen en treurig…en my siel is vol trane.. Ja my trane is soos my bloed in kleur – So Rooi soos ‘n roos – maar so bitter soos ‘n kaktus boom.

    1. Amos van der Merwe Post author

      Baie (en ek) deel die gevoel. Ons moet sekerlik naby die draaipunt na beterskap wees? Hoeveel erger kan dit nog? Maar dan kom die stil wete: niks hou vir altyd aan nie. Ballingskap is nie permanent nie. En die swaar wat ons nou beleef, maak ons sterker om ‘n beter toekoms te bou. Mag dit so wees…

  2. scrapydo

    How many “Boer”s have already been killed? You can say countless ones, not even real trouble makers but well meaning farmers who looked after their people for years. There must be a turning point somewhere in future.


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