White Smoke. Less Mirrors, Please…

images (63)“They’ve elected a new Pope,” Gertruida says in awe.

“Yes.” Oudoom stands up to address the little crowds at the counter. “They have. I think our prayers should be with him. Although our church has some differences with his faith, we should support him.”

Servaas looks up in surprise. “Hey, Dominee, you can’t be serious? We’re Protestant…”

“We pray to the same Jesus. The same God. We read the same Bible. Why should we not support Pope Francis in his quest for the same truth we seek?”

Even Gertruida could not answer him.

“We all seek the same Eternity,” Oudoom says. “Let us not fall into the trap of fragmenting religion. The only way forward, is in taking hands.”

Oudoom’s words allowed a solemn silence to settle over Rolbos, as they stopped thinking that all religions believed in different gods.

There only can be One.

We all know that.

Don’t we?


14 thoughts on “White Smoke. Less Mirrors, Please…

  1. colonialist

    Why would One God leave conflicting messages? There simply have to be lots of them. QED.
    Or are humans like groups of ants – say, one in a city and one in the desert – which form their conclusions of what the world is like? Their descriptions would be sincere and accurate but would differ widely due to limited perspective.

    1. Amos van der Merwe Post author

      I do agree that different peoples may – under differing conditions – form their own impressions of who and what their deity should be. But…if so many churches use the same handbook, why do they insist on interpreting it in so many ways?


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