Mugabe…The Juggler

Mugabe“He just keeps on making the world look foolish. Now he thumbed his nose at all the clever politicians, and has gone to the Vatican, despite the ban on his travelling. At the age of 89, he’s still a very creative character”

“Gertruida, I just don’t understand it. Do you remember that one guy…what’s his name…Machemedze? He worked under orders from his president. There was an article about how he enjoyed hacking limbs off the people he tortured. The list of questions Mugabe has to answer is endless – murdering farmers, killing opponents, torturing people, bankrupting the country, destroying the once-vibrant agricultural economy. Why does the world still tolerate him? How does he manage to control so many puppets?”

Servaas mumbles something about the anti-Christ. “Listen, Vetfaan, we know too little. Here we are in Rolbos, which is but a speck on even the best maps, What do we know about the Illuminati? Or the Freemasons? Even Gertruida doesn’t know much about those types of organisations. But let me tell you: that guy didn’t get to be president for more than 30 years without some serious backing. I remember Kissinger praising his virtues, and ever since then, nobody can touch him.”

“I hear he’s rather charming.” Precilla rolls her eyes before going on, “quite a ladies man. People say he acts much like a teacher, and has a way of swaying arguments his way.”

“That may be true. Now Zimbabweans also have to opportunity to wear his clothing range. Apparently quite popular. You can buy a cap with ‘1924’ – his birth year – for under a hundred Rand. Fortunately they got rid of the Mickey Mouse money. ”

“Well, I’m worried. If he is the senior statesman in Africa, other leaders will want to know the secret of his success. Look what’s happening here? Our president is slowly getting rid of his opposition. He disbanded the Youth League’s top structure, and is ‘cleaning up’ the Limpopo region. Our currency is worth less and less. Farm murders are the order of the day. Strikes are common and the police haven’t been an example to us lately.” Servaas sighs as he gets up to go. “It all sounds so terribly familiar.”

“Yep. That’s true. We have the master juggler in Africa on our doorstep.” Vetfaan joins the old man as they walk out in the sunshine. “Let’s hope he keeps his secrets to himself.”

7 thoughts on “Mugabe…The Juggler

  1. colonialist

    Something really scary about that man. At his age, a lot more sprightly than many 60-year-olds. Maybe there is something in this ‘pact with the Devil’ thing?


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