And Happiness said: “Let me stay here, it feels so good. Nothing can be better than this.”

Pain answered, wearily: “I can endure this no longer. This is the most terrible place in the Universe. Wherever I go to now, can only be better.”

“You crazy?” Happiness sighs contently. “You won’t find me going places. Why move? I’ve struggled hard to get here, surely I deserve to remain?”

“I have to go. I can stand this no longer. Maybe the song is right: there must be a rainbow, somewhere, and there’ll be bluebirds in the sky.”

“Listen to yourself: you’re always moving, moving. Never happy to settle down. Just look how you’ve grown through all the years  – big, fat and lumpy.”

“You may think I’m self-indulgent. That’s okay. But at least I’ve been to places some people only dream of. And don’t tell me I’m fat. You’re a pretty skinny character lately. I think you’re shrinking.”

“Of course you want to do more travelling than I do, Pain. Maybe you hope to see more. Me? I don’t have to rove about, looking for something more. I’m content.”

“You poor, poor soul.” Pain gets up to go. “That’s the problem with you: scared to explore. Scared to see what is beyond the horizon. That’s why you’re shrinking.”

“I don’t want to leave here. Can’t you, just this once, do your own thing?”

Pain smiles sadly. “I’m sorry, I can’t.”

The two of them glare at each other for a while. Then Happiness shrugs. He’ll just have to follow his brother.

Siamese twins have no choice, do they?

3 thoughts on “Inseparable

  1. lidiatheron

    So soek ons maar altyd. Repos alleurs. Pragtige musiek ook.

    Ek wonder altyd. Skryf jy eers da soek jy vir die regte musiek daarby. Of hoor jy die musiek, dan laat dit jou skryf?

  2. aj vosse

    Can’t happiness take the lead on some occasions?

    I must confess, I’m not a fan of U-Tube so I never click into the songs. Fortunately I know most that you place so it makes sense when I get to the end of a piece and see the song you’ve selected!

    OH… please let happiness win for a change!


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