Sunday Flash!

Will be released on 19 April, if all goes according to plan… Watch this space…

Servaas has retired from the post office and is now living in a retirement home. At 65 he is still a virgin. When nurse Betty bends over to take his blood pressure and he catches a glimpse of her ripe young breasts, “Richard” stirs to life in his loins, intent on persuading Servaas that it’s time to lose “their” virginity. But there’s more to Betty than meets the lustful eye.
The author takes the reader on a tender journey into the mind of an older man lusting after a younger, troubled woman.


13 thoughts on “Sunday Flash!

  1. cvheerden

    Hahahaha waited when someone would eventually produce some 50 shades follow up! You added 15 more, good for you! Sounds like fun!


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