Shades of Guilt in Calvinia

At last. Feel welcome to have a peek at the first bit of 65 Shades of Guilt. No, it isn’t smutty. Yes, there is a message. Betty, with her own secrets; Servaas who longs to lose his virginity even if he is a pensioner; and Gertruida with her funny little night-time-machine; they’re all on a journey of discovery. Along the way they realise that love is more than physical pleasure – and they help each other to a new level of passion (For life, of course. What else?)

The setting is Calvinia and not Rolbos. The characters will remind you of the folks you’ve come to know in the blog. Indeed, their personalities overlap, because the blog gave life to them – but now you’ll meet them with a different history and background.

Enjoy… Click the cover to find out more…


6 thoughts on “Shades of Guilt in Calvinia

  1. aj vosse

    I’ve been threatening to get all your books… now it’s way overdue!!

    I (secretly) hope to publish something too… one day in the distant future. By the way, the use of the DVD during Fanny’s presentation gave me an idea… more later but thanks for now. 😉


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