Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

EscapeThe very word spells adventure and freedom..


I used to think escape meant packing my gear and driving out into the wilds to find new roads to travel. new places to find. new faces to meet.

e 2

And I did. Had a wonderful time doing it and still hope for some more of that.

e 3

I’ve pitched my tent on the soft sandy beach of Maziba Bay, upper Zambezi, far from the maddening crowd.

e 4

Even stopped for a few snorts at the beautiful – and deserted – pub at Puku Pan

zambia 2011 304

Met many strangers with their own stories; men and women who continue to inspire me.

e 5

And every time I took the road less travelled to come back home


Because I found that escaping doesn’t mean you have to go somewhere. It’s much more difficult than that. ‘Escape’ means finding yourself; and that can be quite a journey… Freedom is, after all not somewhere else. It’s inside every one us. And that, I believe, is the ultimate escape.

24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

  1. Herman of bibledifferences.net

    Amos, this is so true. So often we want to “escape” from people or circumstances. But that actually is fleeing from our inabilities to handle others, or our own troubles, and that boils down to fleeing from ourselves! “Ultimate escape”, I agree, is finding yourself and growing into peace with yourself. That usually is not an easy journey.
    God bless.

  2. thehappyhugger

    I love this post, Amos. It reminds me of that song; she sings about being to Nice and the Isle of Greece and sipping champagne on a yacht, also having been to Monte Carlo and then the chorus “I’ve been to paradise, but I’ve never been to me.” Being able to say that escaping to oneself is paradise, is indeed a great blessing and as you said the ultimate escape.

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  8. Marie

    I love how we both express pretty much the same thing. Only problem is you were much more eloquent than I was. And that disturbs the competitive edge in me. Oh well. 😉 Loved this! Beyond words. Besides, I could try and try to convey why I loved this and you’d still say it better than I could!

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