New Beginnings, New Story…and a New Book

After all the excitement of Vetfaan, Fanny, Gertruida and who-knows-who-else, this weekend is a quiet one in Rolbos. The townsfolk will relax in Boggel’s Place and swap yarns about the days when they had nothing to do, For avid readers, they suggest you spend time with Servaas in the old-age home, where a young nurse reminds him that it’s not ideal to die as a virgin-pensioner:

This e-book is available through your usual online bookshop, and Amazon, of course.


For those with a hunger for the wilds of Africa, there is the option of an e-book or paperback when you order this book filled with unusual and wonderful stories. Some of these adventures are based on real experiences during my travels through Africa. Some are based on stories I heard. And some…well, they simply came to me. Enjoy the unusual, and Imagine: Africa! like you’ve never done before.


And, in July/August: SHIMMERstate... The story of the Power behind the Universe. What makes us do the things we do?  Why does good and bad things happen to us? Is eternity possible, and how did we come to live on Earth? Why? And then the ultimate question: what is the purpose of all this?

Follow the story of Peter Small, an elderly Coloured man from Cape Town, as he explores the realms of the unknown beyond our consciousness.

Oh…it’s not just that. There’s a baby that is about to be born, a murder or two, some really bad guys and even a few good ones. Together they’ll take you on a journey that is bound to change your life.

Editing will start on Monday. Marinda Ehlers (eBooks for Africa) will see to it that the professional quality of the final product will please readers – so for the next few weeks I’ll be busy with that. Even though the birth of a book is a drawn-out process (and sometimes painful), the result is worth the effort.

This book is the result of several year’s worth of thinking and research – don’t miss out.


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