Silence in Rolbos?

zambia 2011 168“Look, he’s packing up again.” Servaas points to the loaded vehicle. “Is he…”

“Yep.” Gertruida nods. She knows everything, of course. “He’s going to look for the desert elephants, fish in the cold Atlantic, and visit Kolmans Kop. I just hope he doesn’t get stuck again. So embarrassing to ask the locals to help.”

zambia 2011 497

“But he doesn’t know much about fishing?”

“It’s about the wine, Servaas, not the fishing.”

“And elephants…in the desert? How do they survive?”

“They  are much better at adapting than humans, They’ve even developed small ears to prevent evaporation. Quite clever, they are…”

begin 2004 079

“And that leaves us in…silence?”

“Oh, no, Servaas! We’re going to have a party! A huge one. He’ll only be back in the second half of September, so we’ll have a lot of fun in the meantime. No supervision, you know…”

“But what about the readers?”

“Oh, please let them read some of his books! They’re all listed in the right hand column, just to keep them occupied until he’s back. That new one, SHIMMERstate, really got a few people talking. It’s selling well.”

“Ja, I suppose he needs the money, doesn’t he?”

Gertruida nods again. “That’s the problem with the real world, isn’t it?”

begin 2004 060

Rolbos will be up and running again   towards the 20th of September. Please take care in the meantime, spread a little cheer and love, and do pop in at Boggel’s Place on Facebook – look for Rolbos, and you can join in the party…

14 thoughts on “Silence in Rolbos?

  1. thehappyhugger

    I will miss Rolbos…
    Go well, Amos, and enjoy every minute. One day I will be visiting Kolmanskop too – its on my must go to list 🙂
    Take care and travel safe.

  2. Adoonsie

    Eish. Ek is jammer dat ek vir so lank sonder rolbos gaan moet klaarkom.

    En ek is jaloers dat ek nie ook nou vakansie kan gaan hou nie.

    Maar ek hoop jy geniet elke oomblik daarvan. Mag dit jou goed doen en weer nuwe asem gee.

    Sien uit daarna om weer Rolbos se dinge te beleef as jy terug is.

  3. Caretha Randall

    Geniet Namibia! Nie seker hoe ek sonder my “daily Rolbos fix” gaan oorleef nie. Sl maar oues lees.

  4. Bridge Builder

    Enjoying Imagine, Africa. A book full of surprises and a little more cynical worldview than what we got to see of you in Rolbos. Thoroughly enjoying that lense of die-hard idealism and realistic romanticism through which you manage to portray a side of Africa most NatGeo documentaries will never get to see…


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