The Himba, the Chameleon and…he’s at it again!


“Shhht…he’s writing again.” Gertruida – who knows everything, smiles happily as Boggel serves another round. “He’s been to Epupa, on the border with Angola. It’s quite beautiful there…”


“Isn’t that where the Himba people stay?” Servaas is embarrassed to ask, because he heard the women never bath.


“Indeed.” Gertruida takes a sip. “They have strange traditions, especially when it comes to dress and hairstyle. Still, despite what people think, they are very conscious of beauty – and very attractive, too.”


“I wouldn’t like to go there,” Precilla wrinkles her nose. “There are lots of snakes in that desert.”

“Those sidewinder snakes are extremely poisonous, you’re right. But they have pink chameleons living in the desert, as well…”



“Those trips are hard,” Vetfaan says with a grin. “You can always count on a few mishaps. I hear he lost a jockey-wheel. And flat tyres are common…”












“And there are ghost towns..” Oudoom remembers the story of a diamond-rich area where once the diamonds waited to be picked up on the desert floor.


“So, what’s he writing about? Come on, Gertruida, don’t keep us in suspense?”

“Tell you the truth? I’m not sure. But I think he’ll finish the first episode tomorrow. It’ll be different, that’s for sure…”

21 thoughts on “The Himba, the Chameleon and…he’s at it again!

  1. Harold Green

    Welcome back my friend. I hope you found your journey interesting and refreshing. On behalf of all your fans, we look forward to more stories from Mr. Writer, Mr. Imagination. P.S. After posting your next story, please check your bar. We had some very wild parties in Boggel’s and drained the joint. A very friendly group your fans are. Cocktails for breakfast. Dancing tip dawn. Men with a flirt. Women with a flair. What happens at Boggel’s, stays in Boggel’s.

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