Operation ROAR – The Epilogue

s1“I hear the operation was a success,” Gertruida says, because she always knows everything. “Virginia can see again. And, as a result of Huisgenoot picking up on the story, she’s become quite a celebrity. Look, here’s a photo of her after the facelift, as well.”

Servaas tries to pretend he’s not interested, but curiosity forces him the glance at the magazine in Gertruida’s hands.

“Sexy, isn’t she?” Gertruida smiles at the old man. He’s been such fun to be with lately, she’d almost swear there has to be a love-interest somewhere. But…who?  Well, she decides, maybe he’s got to that age when such matters are no longer so important.

Arf-arf?” Vrede  wants to know whether Daisy will ever visit Rolbos again. Boggel, not quite getting the message, hands him a piece of biltong. Vrede lies down with a satisfied harrumph; he’ll finish the titbit before trying again.


If you asked Gertruida what she thought of Operation ROAR, she’ll smile and say it was a huge success. The Carte Blanche program was a hit, Virginia is now the International Ambassador for ClearView ©, the artificial lense makers, and for some reason, Servaas hasn’t worn his black suit for weeks now. She’ll even point out that Vrede is a very happy dog these days.  In fact: even though ROAR didn’t even remotely work out the way they had planned, it certainly proved to be one of their better ideas.

She’ll tell you: Life  does that all the time. The best laid plans of mice and men gang oft astray – and each of us continue to be surprised at the wonderful ways our lives unfold. Sometimes we have to face bitter disappointment – but that gets balanced by those remarkable moments when we stand in awe of unexpected beauty. Faith, she says, is the key. That, and patience. Wait long enough, believe solidly enough, and the dark skies get lit up by the most magnificent sunrise.


And so, the Rolbossers while away the days in Boggel’s Place, where they’ll marvel at the past and hope for the future. The little town is slipping back into the sleepy, comfortable way of life again.

Author’s Note:

For a while I’ll be busy writing away at something completely different. The Rolbos posts will be less frequent, and loyal readers may want to explore the 500+ stories in Rolbos –  or even look at the books available at Amazon, Kobo, Kalahari etc. Check out the sidebar for info. I also have a limited supply of signed 65 Shades of Guilt printed books for those that are interested.

Thank you for living in Rolbos. Take the small town’s message with you wherever you go, and be kind to those you meet on your journey through life. Gertruida says we can start an avalanche of goodwill by simply reaching out to those around us – and if we stop taking ourselves so seriously…

10 thoughts on “Operation ROAR – The Epilogue

  1. Bridge Builder

    Absolutely understand the need to concentrate fully on something fresh again! Hopefully a thriller … enjoy and be back soon!


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