Daily Prompt: Childlike

His name, translated from Himba, is Ugly Face. He’s a happy, naughty, lively child, living in the kraal with his family. The question, of course, is: does he have a future?


Or is he better off than the children in the bigger cities, where video games teach them to kill the ‘enemy’ and then press the reset button? His playground is the veld…his responsibility? The goats he has to tend to.



Sometimes, in my cynical moments (which aren’t rare) I think he’s better off.


9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Childlike

  1. Marjolijn Joosten

    In a way nhe is better off.He already has a lot of resposibility. But I think a school which would enable him to learn to read and write and calculate would be good. My Kenyan friends told me there is a tracking school for Massai youngsters(all tribes) and they learn about animals,cars,car repair and this gives then great chances to become rangers.More info look for the group OSOTUA on FB they can tell you more.

  2. gillswriting

    Hmmmm, good question and a toughie but yeah in loose terms and for the immediate future he is definitely better off. Seeing a lot of anomalies here that are getting me thinking along these lines. On a lighter note I am loving the names of kids here (Tanzania) I have met Praygod, Easter, Gifti, Happiness and a straight forward Donald!


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