The Spirits of Rolbos

Rolbos ©

“Nobody believes in ghosts any more. That’s a notion that belongs to the past. In this, the 21st   century, we are realists. It is impossible for a spirit – of a dead person, that is – to appear in our dimension.  There is a definite boundary between what we live in, and the realm of the metaphysical. So, sorry, I don’t believe all this nonsense.” Gertruida has that knowledgeable look – the one she uses to stop arguments.

Vetfaan isn’t buckling down. “You can believe what you want. But what about angels? Don’t you believe in guardian spirits that look after you? And what about all those stories in the Bible – are they wrong, too?”

Gertruida says something about more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, before waving a dismissive hand. “We’ll never know everything, I agree. Some things beg explanation, but we don’t know enough to explain…

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