The Last Message

And so, a few years after his murder, Eugene Terre’Blanche’s story is available again. The previous publisher is no more and it took considerable effort by Marinda Ehlers of e-Books for Africa to reassemble and format the text from scratch.

The book was originally published in 2010, and it is alarming to see how accurately Terre’Blanche predicted the political developments is South Africa. His message is still as appropriate as ever, however.

To radical right-wing thinkers: no, this is not an apology for racism, hate-speech or inappropriate political reform. Terre’Blanche’s last message to the Afrikaner (and for the rest of the country) is quite surprising, really.

Written in Afrikaans and in his words, I think he calls us all to reflect a while, to consider our history and to plan ahead with caution. South Africa is faced with many problems and we now need cool heads more than ever before. Maybe that’s why his last message may quite well be his most important plea, ever.

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