The Rolbos Christmas Wishes.

Kalahari Christmas Tree

Kalahari Christmas Tree

Oudoom: My wish is that everyone of you – every one – will go up to a complete stranger and wish him or her a merry Christmas. Preferably with a hug.

Gertruida: I hope you all will take a moment to reflect on all the good things that happened to you this year. Forget the politics – that’s not important. Remember a shared smile? A quiet moment? Well, those are priceless. Enjoy.

Servaas: I hate to admit it, but Life isn’t so bad. Look at the sunset tonight, or sit under the stars for a while. Count your blessings.

Kleinpiet: Ag, man, I’m not one for speeches, you know that. Just go out there, put a nice steak on some coals and open a beer. Oh, and don’t forget to clean the chimney before you go to bed tonight.

Precilla: All of us have a bit of baggage we drag along. Put it down for today – even if it’s just for one day – and feel how much lighter you feel. Come on…try it!

Vetfaan: I agree with Kleinpiet. And…if any of you has a spare carburettor for a ’76 Massey Ferguson, please tell me?

Fanny: A simple wish for all parents: tell your children how much you love them.

Boggel: May kindness be the one thing about you that people talk about after you’re gone. In the meantime, if you have to gossip, do it under the shower – alone.

Mister Stevens: Well, Sirs and Madams, I’m a bit old fashioned, as you might have noticed. I wish you a Christmas like the best one you’ve ever had – wherever and however that might have been. I wish you mistletoe and shared laughter, the comfort of knowing you are loved, and the peace of Christ. As for myself, I think I’ll ask Miss Kenton over for a nightcap. You never know…

Mevrou: I’d like us to remember all those incidental people we meet every day. The attendant at the petrol pump. The cashier in the shop. The teller in the bank. You know: those men and women you hardly notice because your life is such a bustle. Next time you see them, smile, look them in the eye and tell them you appreciate them. Then write me a letter and tell me what their reactions were. That’s my wish. Really.

Ben Bitterbrak: Harrumph. Christmas? Is it Christmas again? Well, I think I wasted my year on grumbles and complaints. Nobody listens, anyway. Maybe it’s my fault. Maybe I don’t listen so well either. My wish? I’d like to hear more and complain less. And don’t you dare think that I’m getting soft. No sir! Not me.

Sersant Dreyer: Love. I wish you love.

Gertruida (has too have the last word with a quote from Roy Smith): “He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.” 


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