The Fable of a Perfect Life

IMG_0419There once was created a Perfect Life. It was shiny, new and the envy of all the other Lives.

“Look at that!” Jealousy was angry. “That’s not fair. Why must I be dull and uninteresting? This is discrimination at its worst.”

“Oh, shut your trap!” Anger flashed a furious look at Jealousy. “All you do all day long, is to complain when you’re not the center of attention. Complain, complain, complain! I hate it!”

“I can’t take it any more.” This time Depression joined the group. Rarely seen in public, Depression usually hides in the shadows – but today is different. Perfect Life has brought on the worst in it. “Look at that: a Perfect life! I’ve always wanted to be like that, now it only serves to remind me how horrible I am.”

Perfect Life – being perfect – tried to calm things down. “You all could be like me, you know? It’s simple, really. All you have to do is to let go of your pasts. Of course, you need Hope. What have you done with Hope?”

“Oh that one? Huh! Let me tell you.”  Faith stood a little way off, blinking away tears. “Hope was my best friend. But then these Lives stopped believing and they lost me. In fact, they chased me away, saying I’m not welcome anymore. I left…and Hope followed me. Somewhere along the way, Hope got lost. It must still be out there, somewhere.” Faith swept a hand out to the desert, where the endless dunes stretched to the horizon.

“But why, Faith? Why would they chase you away?” Perfect Life – although perfect – could not understand such madness.

“It started when Love died. It was so sad. You see, Anger and Jealousy got everybody together and told them about Love. They said Love was the reason why there is so much Pain.” This time, Faith pointed at the pitiful figure of Pain, curled up in the sand. It was writhing in agony. “In fact, what you see here, is just one, single Pain. There are many more of them living amongst the Lives. Some are, indeed, the result of Love, but there are many other causes. Love just got blamed for most of them.”

“And so…?” Perfect Life still didn’t understand.

“The three of us left. Love, Hope and me.Hope got lost. Love died. And, without my two friends, I am left to struggle along alone.”

“But I believe in you. And Love. And Hope… Can’t we team up against the rest, and make the world a better place?”

“Oh, Perfect Life, you are such an idealist! I’d love it if we tried…but it won’t work. Anger and Jealousy are formidable enemies by themselves, but look who are supporting them.”

And Perfect Life looked, and saw Gossip and Greed and Hate and Ego and Deceit standing behind Anger and Jealousy. And Perfect Life knew – without having to ask – the Truth had been the first to leave, because the Lives could not stand being honest with themselves any longer.

Perfect Life – being perfect – realised it would never survive amongst the Lives,  It took Faith by the hand and walked away, choosing to believe there was a better Life in the desert than amongst the Lives.

Since then, the only way to find Perfect Life, is to follow Faith.

And we know, don’t we? If we choose to live amongst the unhappy Lives, we’ll never find Perfect Life. That’s why the start of a new year is so daunting: we’ve lost too many important bits of our Lives. Now we accept Mediocrity as the only Perfect Life available to us.

If only we had Faith. Or Hope. Or Love… But those are reserved for Perfect Lives, aren’t they? For those more fortunate than us? So settle back, stop trying, and wait for the Other Lives to complete their work.

Or not.

It’s your choice on the first day of January. No, it’s not a resolution. It’s not a threat, either. Just as you cannot will yourself to stop breathing, this is something you simply have to do. You’re at a crossroad and you have to decide which way you’re going in 2014.

Your Life depends on it…


10 thoughts on “The Fable of a Perfect Life

  1. Hetty Geyer

    En ek sien hierdie beste van sprokies eers op 6 januarie. Gelukkig vroeg genoeg om te besluit om hierdie jaar vir Faith te volg en te glo ons gaan Love en Hope opspoor en in ere herstel. Amos, dit is briljant.


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