Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective…Holey Moley!

South Africans are famous for many things. We make mountains out of molehills. And we are great at ignoring important stuff. We live with shocking figures when it comes to murder and rape statistics; turn a blind eye to corruption and crime; and hide behind the high walls of survival.

Our national animal should be the humble mole, who hides below the surface, digging blindly to…nowhere.

This morning while walking on the beach, a little mound of sand caught my eye…



The last photograph is blurred (sorry!). Moles are shy and extremely reluctant to be photographed. They hate being seen in the open, and usually disappear quickly when they see strangers near their homes. They don’t like surprises, you see?

So they live solitary lives, avoiding the dangers lurking outside their warm and cosy and dark tunnels. They prefer to let the outside world take care of itself while they live in the dark.

Like I said: the perfect national symbol for a society struggling to get the right perspective on what the word ‘normal’ means… Surely it can’t just be a setting on the program of the washing machine?

23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective…Holey Moley!

  1. SmallHouseBigGarden

    how dare you sneak around my yard!?!!! hahahahaha!! I live in a different hemisphere and halfway across the world from you yet i SWEAR Florida and South Africa are SO identical it is uncanny!!
    i even did a holey moley post on my blog one winter….however i didn’t catch the little b*stard redhanded like you did!!! What an amazing thing!! What time of day did you see him?

    1. Amos van der Merwe Post author

      I was amazed to see the little critter! It was at about 9 am, exactly when he should have been dozing off the night’s fatigue. Obviously this one has ambition and is aiming at the presidency. Or kingship. Or whatever moles become when they impress the others. I went back, but I suppose he’s gone back to being a normal mole now: lazing the days away in the knowledge that (in Africa) diligence isn’t a virtue!.

  2. Harold Green

    Amos… great comparison. I think there are moles all over our world. Popping heads! Burying secrets! Digging holes for bodies! Lying! Passing bucks and so much more! Most of it done behind dark doors or in the pitch black of night. OK, now that we agree on that, I have spent years trying to figure what “normal” is in a variety of situations. I have come to believe that it is an ever evolving notion floating through humanity like jelly fish in salt water.

  3. The Other Side of Ugly - Letters to Humanity

    Wow Amos, I appreciate the way you speak so frankly about living like a mole. Isn’t that the tragedy of us a humanity? We all find it safer to be cocooned in what we think are our own little bubbles … when in all reality your home is my home and your people are my people because WE are all citizens of earth. Great pictures. Great story. You’re really an excellent writer. Love, Sheri

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