The Incredible Influence of the EFF

images (70)“I remember,” Gertruida says, “the way the old Nationalist Party used the AWB.”

Servaas looks up sharply. He still has the khaki uniform in mothballs in his cupboard.

“They needed an organisation to scare the public, so they allowed the AWB to continue with their actions. Look, they said, that is how bad the Right Wing is. We, on the other hand, are the moderates who govern fairly. We’re not like them. What happened? The Nationalists were made to look good and De Klerk became a hero.”

“Sooo…?” Vetfaan doesn’t like to be reminded about the past. He wants to move on and see a better South Africa in the future.

“It’s simple, Vetfaan. The ANC needs the EFF. Look, they’ll say, these guys want to nationalise mines. They want to grab land like Mugabe did in Zimbabwe. We’re not like that. So they make themselves look good and people will look at the ANC as the saviour of the country. Also, they’ll hope that the antics of the EFF will draw attention away from the corruption in government.

“Do you think our president is worried about the 4% of the vote the EFF got? Remember, the EFF voters used to be ANC supporters. Of course he’s not. I think he’s as pleased as punch. It’s all a game of smoke and mirrors, guys. You can paint stripes on a leopard, but it’s still the same animal underneath the fur.

“Mark my words – the EFF is a lifeline to the ANC. In public they’ll fight like cats and dogs, but behind closed doors they’ll smile at the gullible members of the public who view them as two different entities. The truth is: the ANC needs the EFF.”

“Aggenee, Gertruida, now you’re back on conspiracy theories again. Surely this is absurd? You can’t expect me to believe this drivel?”

Gertruida only smiles. She’s thinking about a quote attributed to Brian Mulroney: In politics, madame, you need two things: friends, but above all an enemy. She also knows that if you can control your enemy, friends will flock to you.

On the EFF webpage:

  1. Expropriation of South Africa’s land without compensation for equal redistribution in use.
  2. Nationalisation of mines, banks, and other strategic sectors of the economy, without compensation.

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