Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-second Chameleon.

For this challenge, you have to take an early-morning walk in the Namib Desert. Look carefully for a little fellow that stays in trees in more forgiving surroundings. Here, he makes do with what he’s got: a desert with almost no vegetation. Be careful, for he’s a master at disguising himself.

IMG_2645Okay, you’ve found him. It’s still cold, so he’s turned black to absorb heat. He won’t do much. WAIT…be patient.

IMG_2648There, he’s warmed up, turned pink to ward off the heat, and on the hunt now. More patience, the desert is a big placeIMG_2649At last! He’s found breakfast. But…how long is that tongue?IMG_2651Pick him up carefully. Careful now! He’ll turn blackish again to show his discomfort. Work slowly…his bite is far worse than his bark…IMG_2652Now tempt him with a dead fly. Will he? Won’t he…?

IMG_2653Yessss! There you go. Action shot of a nice, long tongue. It took a few hours (well, it felt like that in the hot sun) but the split-second was worth it, wasn’t it?

27 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-second Chameleon.

  1. Vicky van Rooyen-Fay

    Ek persoonlik sou die goedjie aanhou as ek kon, is mal oor verkleurmannetjies. Hul is dalk vir sommige mensies “lelike goedjies” maar hul het karakter en is werd om na omgesien te word. Ek het hierdie fotos regtig geniet.

  2. mtsu1984

    Does it take very long for the chameleon to change color? From these pictures (and my understanding) they can change quickly. Thanks for a great little story told in pictures.

    1. Amos van der Merwe Post author

      Oh, I do apologise, Huggs. Been away for a while and finally finished editing the two Rolbos books. Must have missed your comment in the rush to get everything done! Anyway, that chameleon was – fortunately – handled by my guide and I only took the photos. I share your mistrust! Be well…


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