When day has gone…

Nighttime in Africa is so special. That’s when the shadows deepen – not only in the bush, but in your mind as well. And you get visitors…

IMG_0134aThe spooky moon fills your mind, creating images you’d rather not endure.

IMG_3246Quick! Add wood to the fire…! Listen…the soft padding of approaching paws!


Oh joy! It’s the resident badger, scouting for scraps. But…isn’t that another shadow moving behind it? Oh no…there are two of them!

108_0844A jackal and a brown hyena followed the badger in the hope of robbing him of supper!

Trip 2012 043And then you realise – the biggest of them all has been watching silently all along.

x23aWhen at last dawn releases you from the claws of darkness, you get the fire going for a mug of black coffee. Another day of adventure awaits…


PS If you like Africa and her stories, you may want to have a look at Imagine: Africa..


19 thoughts on “When day has gone…

  1. lifelessons

    I can’t make out what the largest animal was. Did you? Are you telling? Loved your words that accompanied the photos. I lived and travelled in Africa for years…but never camped out. Looks exciting. Judy

    1. Amos van der Merwe Post author

      He was standing (how on earth did he get there so quietly?) a metre or so behind my chair, happily thinking deep thoughts. Then, after a while, he ambled off about 20 m, head-butted a marula tree to dislodge the fruit, and stood there eating his favourite snack for the next hour or two. It was a night to remember!

      1. Amos van der Merwe Post author

        Indeed. Still, it’s surprising how many mornings you can get up and see the tracks of some visitors you had during the night – and never knew anything about their presence. But, after that incident, I do prefer pitching tent near a marula tree. I certainly feel safer there!

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