Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art

Selecting a cover for the book on Rolbos wasn’t easy. How do you capture the poignant but sometimes outrageous escapades of the group at the bar in Boggel’s Place? The cover had to say something about isolation and the atmosphere of the stories. Here are a few examples:

B 1But no, that didn’t do it. It had to be more human, more humane, say something about the town.

b 2Too desolate, run down. Maybe something more romantic?

c 1

Nice…but still not enough character. So here’s the one that made it to the cover. It’s a lovely image, kindly provided by my most efficient publisher, and it says it all…



11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art

  1. Marjolyn Rombouts

    Dear Amos,
    All three of the above speak to me and its hard to choose. But the one with the kettle is the one that put more longing in my heart. The sandy house seems so deserted. Hope you were helped with it a little.
    Best of luck!
    Marjolyn Rombouts

  2. menomama3

    I too liked the campfire image because, as I’ve said in another comment, your stories remind me of sitting around a campfire and listening to a storyteller. However, I confess, I am drawn to the movement in the final cover. It’s dynamic and I guess that’s what your stories, are, eh?

    1. Amos van der Merwe Post author

      Thanks…yes it was difficult, but fun as well. Catching the atmosphere behind the stories can be done in so many ways – and afterwards one still has doubts. Still – that’s the cover and now it’s time to dream about the next one!

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