A Telegram to the People of Cape Town.

IMG_1634capeFrom: The people of Rolbos

To: The people of Cape Town


FireMessage: We, the scattered people who live in faraway places; united by the concept that Life is good, that kindness should dictate our interaction with others, and that compassion is the only way to overcome differences; hereby wish to extend our heartfelt sympathy to all Capetonians – especially those who suffered directly as a result of the fire that is still raging.

It is our prayer that you will be sustained by the love of people who care (from all over the world) in this terrible time. Be assured that you are in our thoughts and that we hope that you will emerge from this ordeal stronger and more beautiful than ever.

From: The patrons in Boggel’s Place.


PS: please share this thought amongst your friends. Sometimes just being there for somebody is worth more than material support. 

The spirit of Cape Town (Note the left hand….)

13 thoughts on “A Telegram to the People of Cape Town.

      1. passion through poetry

        Yes thank you, they have been posting FB photos of the helicopters flying past etc, so have been having a running commentary. We would holiday in Cape Town often, so very close to my heart!

  1. Marjolyn Rombouts

    The song so did me good this morning. May God bless CAPE TOWN and all that lived through this horror!!!


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