Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

Nowhere on earth (okay, it is a biased opinion!) does orange colour the sky as beautifully as in Africa, especially early in the morning.


In the east, the endless Indian Ocean becomes a pewter-grey as the day is born. The clouds, however, celebrate the dawn.

earlyAn early bird flies inland to announce the new day. Its cry will wake those who slumber for the last few minutes of the night.

daybreakThis is a magical time on the continent. Light comes slowly at first, then it casts a joyous spell on all who celebrate the departure of darkness.

orangeThe waters of the great Makgadikgadi pans turn bronze in the heat of the sun’s harsh fury as it burns down on arid Botswana.

begin 2004 115aWhen at last the sun has spent its force, it is time to find a safe spot to spend the night.


While Man, eternally fearful of the dark, feeds the fire, hoping the glow will keep danger away.

MAAN 004 mod 4Until…at last…the moon arrives to bathe Africa in an orange so unique, so special, that one wishes that dawn will postpone its arrival for just once…

elBut it refuses, and the animals gather once more, as they must, to greet the sun with joy.

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