Weekly Photo Challenge: Walls of Grief and longing

Walls know stuff. They’ve seen the arguments, the passion and the joy of living. And, long after the people have left, they tell the story.

IMG_3247A lover knocked, the door opened, arms reached out for comfort.

IMG_3246Put your hat on the shelf over there, she said, smiling coyly.

IMG_3248Dancing to the kitchen, she asked if he’d like some coffee.

IMG_3315I even stoked the geyser, should you want to freshen up, she said.

IMG_3094I have no time, he answered heavily. The war….

IMG_3339And he left her standing in the doorway, waiting.

IMG_3267She’s still there. She, the walls…and the sand…

15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Walls of Grief and longing

      1. scrapydotwo

        Stem saam. Dis regtig n spesiale gevoel wat deur mens se gedagtes en siel gaan as mens sulke plekke sien

  1. Maryke Richards

    Die foto’s en storie is hartverskeurend mooi. Dit maak ñ gevoel van hartseer in mens wakker, en tog kan ek nie ophou lees en kyk nie. Baie dankie vir jou Rolbos stories, ek sien altyd daarna uit om die volgende storie te lees! Jou foto’s is pragtig, dit maak my nuuskierig om ons pragtige land verder te verken!

  2. alexr4976

    The home like feeling of a welcome that goes unanswered by the roar of the world that covers our sanctuaries with sands of memory gone with the wind of the consequences self inflected by our internal-external struggle…
    Beautiful pictures and writing. It encouraged the above spontaneously. Thank you.


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