Can we revive the Rainbow….Please?

Sometimes we need to turn off the TV, stop watching the horrors of civil strife…and consider the other side of the coin. Yes, there are deaths and abductions and religious conflict; and yes, we may despair at the hopelessness of it all.

But in the mess of politics and the mud of corruption – if you looked hard enough – you find little rays of hope.


15 thoughts on “Can we revive the Rainbow….Please?

  1. roandy

    This absolutely true. The colours of the rainbow are fading and nobody seems to be noticing because they are preoccupied in our own space…

  2. Harold Green

    The beauty of the individual among pain, suffering, bombs and wars of hell provide for me the inspiration to look at life with the glass half full. Thank you Amos for the rich reminder.

  3. Elissaveta

    I agree! I know that there are many tragedies out there but sometimes I just want to shut the tv and go find a silver lining amongst all of those grey clouds…

  4. K'lee L.

    Your voice and presence while singing the song seems to transcend language and cultural barriers… it’s a beautiful sound and melody that speaks powerfully to the message you’re looking to convey! Well done.

  5. Paul Okonji Blog

    Reblogged this on PaulOkonji Blog and commented:
    The thought of violence, now the xenophobic killings in SA has added to the daily strives. the joy of living is running out fast. living with the thoughts of ever reviving the rainbow appears elusive. But i feel we can daily revive the rainbows in our individual lives. The urban man man has lost the rainbow filled life….. not the same with the native primitive man. His life is still filled with rainbows, joy and happiness. Can we pause to think, you the civilized urban man…are you a happy being??? Lot of struggle to meet up with daily needs and pay bills..
    Soory, the rainbow search is elusive. we hope it could be revived……sadness i see. Welcome to my world


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