Weekly Photo Challenge: (Dis)connected.

The world has changed. There was a time (really?) when (some) people listened to opposing viewpoints, despite radical differences. President Kruger dined with Queen Victoria. Despite the grumblings of the government, talks were held in Dakar. Some still hail the Truth and Reconciliation process as a miracle. And, who can forget the optimism of the voters in 1994, even when they anticipated radical changes?

FirstelectionsBut it seems as if the world has become an increasingly intolerant place. Somehow, the modern tendency is toward individuality. The more densely the world is populated, the more we tend to isolate ourselves.

IMG_3022aThe lines of communication simply don’t work that well any longer – which is absolutely ridiculous with all the modern systems at our disposal. All the technology to make it easier to talk and listen, hasn’t done much to improve the situation.

IMG_3365It’s as if we’ve lost connection with each other, as if the switches joining us as a human family, simply do not work any more.

IMG_3442We’ve divided the world up amongst ourselves to create borders. As long as something happens on the other side of these imaginary lines, we soothe ourselves by telling each other it’s not our problem. We’re not involved…they must sort it out themselves.

IMG_3025And so we isolate, separate, dissociate, detach, divide, alienate and disengage – falsely believing that the human race is an unconnected and diverse species.

IMG_3100aSadly, this can have only one result.

(Except for the election photo, the images are from Kolmanskop near Luderitz, Namibia)

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: (Dis)connected.

  1. Debbie

    This is a brilliant post. The desolate photos really emphasis and underscore the meaning. It’s true, once upon a time people from opposing schools of thought sat down and talked. That meant at least there was hope for some kind of consensus. Nowadays politicians just throw insults at each other.

    1. Amos van der Merwe Post author

      Thank you, Debbie. When I visited Kolmanskop, I imagined what it would have been like, bustling with people, hope and (hopefully) love. Now only the skeletons of the building remain as they slowly decay in the scorching sun. The thought struck me then: Is this the way the world is heading? Despite that, it is a magical, mystical place to see…

      1. Debbie

        The world is certainly changing, at a fast rate. Some places become desolate, others begin to thrive. The pictures remind me a lot of parts of Australia, maybe that’s what resonated with me. For me, ancient countries like Australia, its more about the land than the people. the land itself resonates with living energy – probably because the indigineous peoples cared for it for so long, so well.

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  3. terryconnelly

    So true. It is in the news every day. We divide ourselves into political groups, advocating for whatever the current ideology is. Well written. I am amazed at your ability to find photos to support your theories.


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