Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries

This challenge isn’t a simple one. It got me thinking about how important it is to nurture Hope.

b4All too often, we are faced with a featureless horizon. This is called depression, the empty feeling of despair.


It’s as if the light is sucked from our days, with darkness threatening to obliterate the dreams we used to have. That’s when the wrongs of the past come rushing in and we relive – over and over again – those incidents that cut so deeply into our hearts.

b5That’s the time to gather the last bit of courage, even if it means exploring the unknown. Go on, fight back. Draw a line. Pack a row of stones to keep the desert out. It might seem insignificant, but it does confirm your resolve to tidy up your mind. And look: those stones aren’t huge rocks; they simply represent the many small acts of determination – getting up, being kind, forgiving the past, forgetting anger, embracing those near to you…and daring to love again.

b6And lo! Suddenly the scene changes as  a new day dawns with an unexpected rainbow. Depression simply can’t be beaten by staying in the desert – it involves a journey of many miles, step by step – to reach the hope you once thought you had lost.

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