Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy Place

A happy place?  Why, that’s easy. To get there, might not be such a breeze. The first step is to find a place somewhere off the beaten track and to plan the  trip. With all the preparations in place, it’s time to load up, leave the city behind and follow the map.


If absolutely necessary, lodging along the way needn’t be luxurious. A fine little shelter at night is more than enough.


Then onward, ever onward, deeper into the silent continent to find peace and solitude.


The journey is half the fun. Take time to stop, enjoy a cold beer, and enjoy the surroundings.

h2At last. Pitch the tent, get the fire burning – night is approaching fast…


It’s so simple, really. The crackle of a  late night fire, cold wine in a glass, and the roar of a faraway lion. An owl hooting overhead. Stars above.

And peace.

My happy place…

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