Weekly Photo Challenge – Cherry on Top

He’s been walking for a day-and-a-half; if he doesn’t find water, the desert would have won. But…he knows the area and he knows the tradition of his people. If only he could see their marker, he’d be alright.

Ah…there it is!


To a stranger, it’s just a heap of twigs. Nothing to stand out in the barren wilderness. He knows better…


First, he’ll thank the unknown man who did this. Then, carefully and with the necessary respect, he’ll remove the camouflage.


Uncovering the hidden treasure needs time and patience. Breaking the egg would be disastrous.


Is it dry? Has the water evaporated? Noo…there it is – the cherry on top! Cool, clear, water.


Now he has to do the right thing: find the man who hid the water, thank him…and then fill up the ostrich egg again.


16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Cherry on Top

  1. Pearl van der Walt

    Pragtig… toe ek in die laer skool was, het ek ‘n plakboek gemaak van die boesmans dit was ‘n opdrag in std 5 en al die jare daarvoor het ek alles uit geknip en gebere, en vir my die moiste boek gemaak en stories op geskryf… ek was so trots, wonner wat het daarvan geword? Later toe ek 18 was het ek deel geneem aan ‘n safari en die boesmans ook ontmoet…. ai dit bly vir my nog altyd die mooiste wat ek ooit gedoen het…!! Baie dankie vir jou kersie bo op!!

  2. perdebytjie

    Vir my een van die interessantste bevolkingsgroepe.Dis so bitter hartseer dat hulle leefwyse verpes is deur modernisering.Pragtige foto’s,veral die laaste een.

    1. Amos van der Merwe Post author

      Good question! They have no plastic containers etc. So they make a small opening in the egg, empty the contents and let it dry in the sun. Once ready, the egg is filled with water and a twig is used as a cork. Then it gets buried in the sand for protection and to be a bit cooler than in the sun. Family members know where these hiding places are and sometimes it will save lives in the desert.

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  4. bitterbossie

    Love the respect when handling the fragile egg, his thankfulness and the responsibility of refilling it.


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