Politics, religion, media: who trumps who?

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Credit: Mail & Guardian

“So the land of the free is going to get their own version of a modern-day dictator?” Servaas throws out the bait – it’s been a quiet day in Boggel’s Place again.

“Not if you listened to some religious leaders, Servaas. They paint him as The Recsuer – the man who’ll bring back proper values and some pride in being an American.” Vetfaan doesn’t sound overly optimistic though. “And, whatever one’s opinion, one must agree that the world needs a bit of a shake-up. Look at us: we’ve become spectators and not participants any longer. We listen to the news, cluck our tongues and promptly distance ourselves from the unfolding tragedies around us.”

“That may be true, Vetfaan, but whose fault is that? The churches insist on preaching good news every Sunday, saying God will fix everything in the end. The politicians say we mustn’t worry, everything is fine. The newspapers contain so much bad news, we skip over the articles. So…the church, the politicians and the media are completely out of sync. Who to believe? In the end, none of the above.”

Vetfaan nods. “We’ve become so self-absorbed that old-fashioned charity, good manners and compassion have flown out of the window. The nett result? We’re ostriches – head in the sand and please pass me by.”

“Well, we can’t say much about the US of A; not with the mess we’ve got in governance…and in our churches. First gays are sinners, then they’re not. Now they’re again.  And some pastors prescribe Doom insecticide and petrol as tests for your belief in God, while the  ANC  says it’ll rule until Jesus comes again. Zuma claims God is on his side…”

“And then his tent gets blown away by a freak storm?” Vetfaan can’t help interrupting. “Some say it was an act of God. Doesn’t sound like He’s amused by Zuma’s antics.”

“Well.” Servaas puckers his lis like he does when somebody oversteps the religion line. “People seem to think they understand God and His ways. This, my friend, is true for any religion you care to think about. So you get radical lefts and conservative rights, and they all claim to be preaching the word of The Creator. In the old days, a preacher would be very careful – even humble -with his interpretation of certain verses. Now, however, it is he brash and the outspoken pastors who fill megachurches … or start wars.

“It’s almost funny, Vetfaan. The more we advance in technology, the more naive society becomes. I think advanced societies get so clever that they don’t think any more. They gain knowledge but lose wisdom…which is terribly sad and stupid. Ponzi schemes, religious radicalism, crazy politics – you’d think that an intelligent community would be aware enough to sniff out the fraudsters…but they don’t.” Servaas sighs. “Well, I’m glad I live in Rolbos. The drought is real The sand between my toes is real. Boggel’ Place is real.

“And that’s good enough for me. Zuma, Trump and a whole lot of modern-day social structures can pass me by. As long as they are only virtual realities, they can stay other side of the Orange River…please and thank you.”

4 thoughts on “Politics, religion, media: who trumps who?

  1. anna mulder

    Ai Vet Faan,
    Ek lees die brief, en wonder of jy weet dat die ander wat gestaan het om die land te probeur reg beheer. Hull is reeds all ingesweer by die Satan. Hollywood staan verslae, en is kwaad.

    So jammer dat ons nie altyd die werklikke rede weet van n ander se besluitte nie. Hier hoor mense net van SA se appartheid en die wittes wat die armme verdruktes se grond wat brak gelê het,van hull geroof het. ( Seker toe almal gaan fees hou het in Noord Afrika, en die ander in die kraal om die koning waggehou het in sy kraal. )
    Terwyl hier ook maar weer net so geveg was teen die Rooi Indiäne. Hierdie land met sy uitterste klimaat en tornados. Reën wat soms val dat die huisse en voertuie wegspoel.
    Die mense het nes die Pelgrims weggetrek op n boot geklim en vir hull en hull gesinne n heenkomme loop soek om hull Christlikke geloof te kan uitleef.
    Ongelukkig is die satan soos die kat wat ook altyd iewers saam met een of ander vrag kom afklim het. ” Die Kat kom weer!”
    Ons is tenminste Dankbaar ons mag Kersfees weer Geseënde Kersfees gesê het. En Kersliedjies gesing het. Vir n paar jaar was dit skoon verbied! Die mans wat van die grens op tv met hill gesinne gepraat het. het die meeste met oorgawe v hull fammielies hier dan veral Geseënde Kersfees gesê.
    God Dank dat die Nuwe President se eerste Aanstelling n man aangestel her wat n Christen is. Hy werk Dierek met hom en hull Bid en oppen weer met gebed!
    Ons is ook veral dankbaar dat hierdie President nie saam of met die Ilimenatie wer soos ander wat was en gestaan het nie. Dit is vir elkeen hier wat n Christen is duidelik dat ons nou in die laaste tye van die aardse bestaan is.
    Ons is ook bewus van mense wat as engele voorkom maar dan soos die satan in skaaps klere is.
    Daarom doen ek ook nou n beroep dat ons vir mekaar sal Bid en vra dat die Vader in die harte van die vyand sal werk. En dat Sy Almag vir hull sal wys Hy is God! Bid vir mekaar soos nog nooit nie.


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