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Friday Flash, Apocalypse

“Did you see the legs on that woman?” Vetfaan struggles to keep his breathing normal.

“Ja, if the tracks look like that, can you imagine the station?” Kleinpiet isn’t even playing with his foam on the counter top any more; he just gapes at the tall and athletic woman striding down the road known as Voortrekker Weg,

It’s been a full day since the film crew arrived to camp under the only tree at the edge of the town. The guy with the ‘DIRECTOR’ cap said they didn’t want to film the town: they wanted to have the backdrop of an endless desert for their production of Apocalypse 9, the last in the series.

“What’s an apocalypse?” Gertruida is busy helping Precilla to take stock and cannot supply an immediate answer. Vetfaan mulls over the word and decides it must be American.

“It’s the end of all known things, Vetfaan.  Like the station. It ends there”

Servaas doesn’t laugh, because Kleinpiet just lied.  He knows a station is just the next step in the journey; and once there, there’s no turning back. Apocalypse, indeed. It means ‘disclosure’ or ‘revelation’. A long time ago he tried to fight it. He used to be young and adventurous, but the Kalahari won.