Weekly Photo Challenge: Community…The Natural Way

Society – as we know it – has turned into an ego-driven, selfish mass of people. Oh I know there are many, many exceptions, but one tends to become a tad cynical about humanity when the media feast on the mistakes, the wrongs, and the mishaps of the world – every day. Then the obvious question sneaks up in our quiet moments: are we really supposed to live like this?  That’s when I escape to seek answers in the only place I know: Nature…

e1I see mothers protecting their young, fathers defending the herd.l1I see her eyes close to doze off peacefully, knowing she is protected and cared for.

h1I see  having to share doesn’t have to lead to conflict.

g1But it’s also okay to be shy, to watch from a distance and to keep to yourself.

bok mod

And true beauty needs no fancy dress, makeup or jewellery.

t1That’s why I turn my back. I want to be where the word ‘community’ still means something…

24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Community…The Natural Way

  1. Louis

    As much as I enjoy Rolbos fiction posts, I look forward to these photoessays. It reminds me that I need to go on a 21st-century safari someday, one of those where you shoot animals with a camera instead of a gun. Thanks.

  2. Dale Clendennen

    Greetings Amos, Thank you for making contact with me through my Facebook South Africa My Best http://www.facebook.com/pages/South-Africa-My-Best/603375629707531 and thereby passing on the information of your site. Love the way you make your pictures “speak” – we truly are fortunate to live in a fantastic country on a fabulous continent with such diverse Natural beauty. Ah, Nature in all Her Glory will always inspire me …. Smiles from me, Dale


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