The Impossibility of Everlasting Happiness.

“Did you see the Daily Prompt from those WordPress guys?” Gertruida has managed to connect to the Internet via her new cellphone, and now spends long hours visiting her two favourite sites. “They want to know about six impossible things.”

“Well, for one: you can’t tickle yourself.” Vetfaan sips his beer thoughtfully. “And elephants can’t jump.”

“And you simply cannot lick your elbow,” Precilla adds. “I tried it in front of the mirror.”

“Yeah, and how about finding words that rhyme with orange…or purple?”

“Eternal love and happiness are also impossible for humans. Somebody dies, or goes away, leaving the other one grieving.” Siena has been on Servaas’ mind lately. “Even the most precious things get lost, or broken. ”

“Well, then the ultimate impossibility must be hidden in the words ‘human rights’. In our country it means that a convicted prisoner – say a serial rapist or killer – has a vote worth just as much as mine, or the President’s. How is it possible to justify that? It’s impossible. We’ve become so involved with human rights, that we’ve pulled the whole picture out of shape. We preach equal rights for all, but how do you justify people being refused promotion, just because of the amount of pigment in their skins?” Gertruida sighs. “Maybe Servaas is right. We were so happy in 1994. We were ecstatic. It couldn’t last…”


7 thoughts on “The Impossibility of Everlasting Happiness.

  1. newsferret

    Goeie pos. Wou my vandag uit die politiek uithou maar pos toe die “I supported affirmative action as a need for the first ten years. But now, if you add in an equation we get affirmative action + BEE + the Labour Equity Law the sum total is one great step back into apartheid’s job reservations, no South African qualifies, only people of the republics of white, non-white (also fragmented into categories), male and female benefit. Yes, we have all been put into boxes, little boxes, some with closed lids and others with the lids open to certain degrees.” op hierdie opinie

  2. Beatrix

    Dis soveel beter om in ‘n land te bly waar ek welkom voel. Die groot jammerte is dat ek ‘n vreemdeling moes word in ‘n vreemde land om aanvaar te word. Daar was net geen manier dat ek ‘n boer in Suid-Afrikaanse beton kon wees nie! Ek weet dat regstellende aksie ‘n plek het, maar daar is ‘n tyd wanneer dit moet end kry en ek kry die gevoel dat geen son daaroor gaan sak nie.

    1. colonialist

      Regstellende aksie sou veels gouer gebeur het as hulle nie met die proses gemors het nie. Ekonomiese faktore vanself, in die soort groeiende ekonomie wat uit ‘beste persoon vir die werk’ sou gekom het, sal dit gedoen het.

  3. colonialist

    It is very simple, actually. These days peolple utterly confuse rights with privileges. Rights remain whatever happens. Privileges have to be earned by fulfilling the responsibilities which accompany them. No responsibility, no privilege.


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